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for you and your patients

Liberate workflow around managing collections across multiple channels and delight your patients with the best payment experience. Tuuthfairy modernizes both in-person and online payments with the latest features minus hidden fees.

Upgrade in-person and online
payment experience with tuuthfairy
and save $250 per month

0nline Invoice

Text The Best Payment Experience

  • Sign up today and send your first online invoice via text or email in just 5 minutes. Every payments and non-payments are easily tracked and visible on your provider dashboard. Sign up today and send bills online for free for the first month.
In-person payment

Modern In-Person Payment, Finally

  • Empower modern in-person payment experience with tuuthfairy. With continually updating features every month, tuuthfairy is getting better and better, unlike your old and outdated credit card processor. Delight your patients with digital first payment experience. Connected to your provider dashboard, you can track all payments whether billed online or in-person. Modernize your and your patients payment experience with tuuthfairy today.
User can select pay in full or pay in 4
Payment plan

Empower patients with 'pay in 4'

  • You can selectively enable 'pay in 4' to enhance treatment acceptance and compress collection cycle. Once enrolled, tuuthfairy will automatically charge patients every 2 weeks with friendly notifications between every payment. See how it works.
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36% of Americans defer dental treatment due to cost

More than 1 out of 3 Americans say 'no' to dental treatment everyday and 80% of those, knows deferring treatment will cost them and become more painful in the future.
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Transparent and Flat Pricing

Any Cards, Online and In-person
1.99% + $0.29

Automated Payment Plan
2.59% + $0.29
Hidden Cost
Monthly Service Fee
Add $19 for In Office
Payment Kiosk

Our Processing Fee

Any Cards, Online and In-Office
1.99% + $0.29

Automated Payment Plan
2.59% + $0.29

Hidden Cost
  • On average, tuuthairy’s processing fee is one full percent cheaper than old payment processors.
    Send your monthly statement and find out how much your are actually paying.
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