'Pay in 4' installments
Empowers affordability

Any bills up to $2,000, empower patients with 'Pay in 4' installments
to enhance affordability, case acceptance and patient retention

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All roads leads to "Affordability"
to improve case acceptance

  • Case acceptance in dental care is 40%
  • 60% of American cannot pay $1,000 in lump sum
  • 90% of treatment plan is $2,000 or less
  • 63% of patients express extraordinary interest in
    participating in payment plan to avoid accruing bad debt
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"Finally, a beautiful and modern payment terminal for dental offices"

Philip Wink
CEO & Founder

Pay in 4 installments
is not financing

  • No financing means: no high fees, no complicated applications, no approval time, no collection agency for both providers and patients.
  • No financing menas, no application or approval process and encrouged to be offered to all patients. Enrollment is as easy as clicking 'pay in 4' in payment kiosk.
  • tuuthfairy automates patient communication on all upcoming installments as well as ability for patients to swap cards before every installments.
  • Low missed or late payments powered by technology: tuuthfairy with its partners work directly with card networks to update payment details with new card numbers or expiry dates.
  • Dashboard gives you bird's eye view of any missed payments.
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"Can't imagine living without these features. Ability to control and see everything is something I can't live without now"

Eric Tunner, CEO & Founder

Case Study: Santa Clara, CA

  • 10% of all payments are "pay in 4" installments
  • Substantial part of this 10% includes treatments that would not have been accepted unless "pay in 4" installments were available
  • Zero missed or late payments
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"Patient told us they are 'grateful' that we are offering "pay in 4" installment option. The reaction has been great"

Cindy, Santa Clara, CA

Treatment tomorrow will always cost more

Deferring treatment only worsens the condition, meaning bigger and more expensive treatment required in the future.
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